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Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Fairy Garden

Cindy turned the lantern kit she purchased into a Fairy Garden.

Sunday, 18 June 2017

Tea Room 2

So back to the drawing board. Grabbing a sheet of foamcore, and an 8x12"frame, this is the resulting roombox. More space for bakery products and a better visual. Walls painted to resemble that lovely paper from the original plan.

The telephone is a cheapie from stash, and the reservation desk was constructed from foamcore and a scrap of fabric.

The corner armoires, are also from foamcore, based on this one from stash.

Teapots and cakes are made from air-dry clay and painted.

Cake stand on the right made from a silver plate and a clear push pin. The one on the right is a clear bead and a small suction cup.

Now to apply the frame and finish the outside....

Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Crazy Cat Lady

Cindy has been busy!
What a wonderful scene.

Can you tell she loves her kitties?

Isn't the little mommy cat with her baby just too adorable?

Monday, 30 January 2017

Tea Room 1

Projects don't necessarily need to be carbon copies, they can take on a life of their own. 
Continuing on, using the Miniature Worlds book as inspiration.


The tea room started out with a Tetley Tea box. 


However, once the wallpaper was installed, and the opening framed, it was obvious the scale was all wrong for the contents. Rats! A great idea, and the wallpaper was perfect, too! And of course, there wasn't any more.

This is how the box looked once framed.
Very cramped and difficult to see interior.

Sunday, 22 January 2017

Smaller Scale roomboxes

Both Cindy and I had this little bedroom set.

Cindy had a couple of more than I and found the perfect container.

If I hadn't seen Cindy's bureau, I wouldn't have noticed the lamp was missing.

So here is mine. Lamp restored.

Wizard's Room, The Finale

All the bits and pieces have been made. Arthur's sword added the the back.

The book title and marvellous cover illustration by Arthur Rackham, printed and applied.

And Tadaaaa! The finished project! Pretty pleased with ourselves.

Wizards Room, Curtains and Balcony

Continuing on....
The balcony can be seen in this picture. Cindy had some leftover railing in her stash and it was just enough. Paper card formed the floor and wood strips were glued to the parts of the balcony which would touch the wall.
The balcony was too bare, so to the stash we go again, and this paper collar for coffee was retrieved. 
Doesn"t look much, does it? Dry brush with crimson and tan....add an owl.....

Cindy found the perfect fabric for the curtain, which was gathered and glued the wood strip supporting the card floor. 

The tapestry was downloaded from the internet and dampened slightly to shape it to resemble a curtain.