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Wednesday, 18 November 2015

November Meeting

Kay, Carolyn, Robin, Sally, Cindy - Isabel was not able to make it.
Cindy showed off her Greenleaf camper trailer. She has done a fantastic job, making all of the interior accessories herself, except for the table and benches. Isn't the bathroom well done? And of course, being Cindy, there has to be a kitty somewhere!

Anyone for a snooze? What is an awning for except enjoying a bit of piece and quiet, just resting the eyes....
Kay brought some paper punches and we made some flowers. Serendipitiously, Sally brought some descicants from pill prescriptions which made perfect vases!
 Thank you to Robin for the repaired lights (with a switch yet!) and the carriage wheel. Sigh, so many projects.....

Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Still Working on the Washing

We made some baskets from card stock,to hold clothespins, and started on some clothes pins from air dry Playdough. It will take a LOT of pins to fill those baskets!!!

Made another table for the wringer and rinsing.

 The tabletop is made from foam core, the surface scribed to resemble planks and "nibbled" at the edges, then painted/dry brushed.

Legs are made from scrap wood and stir sticks used for braces.

Cindy's Granny is in charge

Sunday, 25 October 2015


The tutorial for the September meeting at the NOTL Library Cafe showed how to make a planter from a dowel cap finial, a plastic chess piece, and scraps of lace and string.
This picture shows the dowel cap and chess piece.
The plastic dowel piece is sawed flat using a craft saw, and the dowel cap is glued in place with Crazy Glue. Then go to town applying lace bits and trim. 
Apply a coat of Gesso to the plastic chess piece so paint will stick. 
Next, choose the paint effect. In this case, the group chose a metallic finish. Isn't it fascinating how unique each planter appears!

 Cindy brought her corset to show us, possibly a future project....absolutely gorgeous!

Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Quilting madly and washing up

Sharing our projects in the September meeting at the NOTL Cafe after our summer hiatus.

Carolyn knocked our socks off as usual, sharing her mini Lone Star quilt, a fabulous mattress, fitted sheets with French seamed corners (natch!)  That girl certainly knows how to set high standards!
Here is a pic from the net to show the design, although Carolyn's colour choices are so much more wonderful.

Can you imagine all the tiny pieces and the precision sewing? Boggles the mind in full size, never mind mini!! Carolyn does admit to having threads and bits of cotton all over the house and suffering a few burns from her Daisy iron.

Cindy and Linda showed the scrubbing board and wash tub they worked on.

Linda brought in her WIP (work in progress), a Chrysnbon bathroom, and various ideas were tossed around. 

Thursday, 2 July 2015


Our monthly meeting at the Cafe at NOTL library was missing one member, Isabel. Otherwise, we had a quorum!
It was good to see Carolyn and Robin, and Kay came over the border!
Of course, we NOTLERS live in the area, and could practically walk to the Cafe, so we really appreciate our members making the effort to come!
Cindy brought a selection of fabrics to share, and Carolyn showed her latest project, a jaw-dropping tomato plant. The leaves are laser cut, and the tomatoes are Fimo. Awesome!
Congrats to Carolyn, for having her wedding cakes featured in a recent AM publication. She was not aware of this, the photos were from a previous article. You can see their cakes on her site, Maple Leaf Miniatures, along with the stanchions she and Robin showed us.

We had planned to make Roman Shades, but got so involved that Sally was the only one actually doing the project!  Here is the chaise which is going into her bathroom.

Cindy contributed the instructions for making the shades, from Maggie Melinda, and showed us the ones she made.

Sunday, 14 June 2015

Cleaning up

This week we worked on a cleaning basket. Sally brought a little red cap which makes a charming we plastic bucket after attaching a wire handle with a small straw to represent whatever that carrying bit is called.

The tutorial from Joannne Swanson's blog suggests using a jelly packet. She gives a pattern for a dust pan and printies for cleaning products.
We made some paper towels, which turned out OK, and attempted to cut gloves from real life rubber gloves, none of us too happy with the results! 

And made a feather duster.

Cindy made some more towel racks and towels, and showed off her mini weigh scale.

Sitting Pretty

This meeting we worked on upholstering a chaise . The first picture is with the fuzzy side out and with foam padding

The next shows the reverse side of the fabric with no padding. We ran out of fabric for the backrest., but can get more....
Which do you prefer?
The plush side was selected

Thursday, 21 May 2015

May meeting at the Library Cafe

This month we have our heads in the toilet....well, in the bathroom anyway!
For this meeting, towels were our focus.

Baby face cloths from the Dollar store, flannelette, and even Viva paper towels, combined with a bit of lace, Bunka and ribbon can be transformed into elegant elements to fill fun baskets for the bath, to hang on towel racks or to fall to the floor in disarray.

Isn't it fascinating how each person 's project is unique?
Cindy brought her purchased Murphy bathtub, with her male bather (calm down ladies! yet to be covered with bubbles!)
Can you see the towel draped over the side? She used Stiffy and pinned the fabric to the desired shape over a piece of balsa wood the approximate size of the tub side. The paper is a local paper printed for her by a friend.
The basket is made of cross-stitch fabric, stretched over a bottle, fastened with a rubber band and stiffened. Stiffy is a product sold in craft stores, but you can use watered-down glue. After trimming, braid neatens the edges. Make your own twisted cord.
The Kleenex box is a block of wood covered with delicate decorative paper and a bit of RL tissue glued to the top.
Can you tell Cindy loves cats? This little darling is running amok in a basket filled with towels and  soaps. Love the little sponges.
Not content with these projects, Cindy made some fabulous shabby chic shelves with inventive bottles made from various beads. the tassel was from a found trim, looks great on the atomizer.

Isobel showed us this darling privacy screen she made for her bathroom.
 These are the baskets she made using baby facecloths. The towels are trimmed with lace - if the lace you are using is too big, try cutting it in half lengthwise, then add Bunks to cover the frayed edges.

 Find out about Bunka here. And look at some embellishment ideas on this page.